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Are You Eating for the Wrong Reasons?

Getting over an overeating habit

Exercise Not Making Dent in Most Seniors' Down Time

Study found it only cut the amount of sedentary time by 12 minutes each day

'Eye Freckles' May Predict Sun-Related Problems

The spots could be linked to higher risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, study says

Health Tip: Get the Facts About Salmonella

Here's what you should know

Health Tip: Protect Your Skin at Work

Watch for harsh chemicals

Just Thinking You're Less Active May Shorten Your Life

Study suggests that even when people weren't really more sedentary, their risk of early death rose

Rush Hour Pollution May Be Worse Than Thought

Higher measurements seen using in-car sensors

Too Soon to Widely Recommend Ketamine for Depression

Not enough is known about the drug's long-term effects, research review concludes

Can Dogs Teach Doctors New Tricks?

Dermatologist says yes because there's overlap between some canine and human skin problems

Could a Little Alcohol Lower Your Diabetes Risk?

Daily drink or two may provide a bit of protection, study suggests, but one expert skeptical

Donor Kidneys Rejected by Centers 7 Times on Average

Study suggests centers are often appropriately picky, but one specialist says patients should have a say in these choices

Eczema Can Take a Toll on Adults

The chronic skin condition may interfere with daily life, expert says

Golfing and Gardening Your Way to Fitness

How to turn pastimes into workouts

Health Highlights: July 27, 2017
  • U.S. Scientists Report Embryo Gene Editing Success

  • Drug Wholesaler McKesson Corp. Restructures to Improve Oversight of Opioid Sales

  • Suspected Case of Mosquito-Transmitted Zika in Texas

  • Angelina Jolie Reveals Bell's Palsy Diagnosis

Health Tip: Learn Your Risk for Asthma

Here are common factors

How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Wears Patients Out

Study suggests body amplifies fatigue signals, even during periods of rest

Melanoma Isn't the Only Serious Skin Cancer

Squamous cell carcinoma is far more common and also dangerous if untreated, dermatologist says

'Super Moms' and 'Super Dads': Work-Home Conflicts Affect Both Genders

'We need to bring men into the conversation,' researcher says

When Is It Nail Fungus?

Dermatologist says only an expert can diagnose condition accurately

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